The KitzSki RacingCenter – Resterkogel

The RacingCenter at Pass Thurn – modern und professional.

Are you the type of person with a passion for Alpine racing? That pleases us because it means you’re going to love our KitzSki RacingCenter – Resterkogel. Perhaps you’d like to improve your racing technique? No problem: We have expert ski instructors/trainers who can help you do that.

Why not get to know our official training piste at Pass Thurn? We have more than 820 snow making facilities in the greater Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area, and our highly specialised snow-making experts ensure perfectly prepared pistes year after year. Racing carvers can enjoy the best possible conditions as early as October and November, when they can complete their initial training sessions.

The training lines

Unit Time
Racing Unit 1 08.30 until 11.30
Racing Unit 2 12.00 until 15.00

Assignment of lines on-site, max. 5-8 lines per week

Prices "Resterhöhe Special"

Category 1 day
Adult € 40,00
Youth € 20,00
Child € 10,00

+ additional 120,00 € per line and group

Registration required.

To ensure operations run smoothly, applications are required.

Your reliable contact: Operations manager Andreas Hochwimmer
Mobil 0664 611 88 99